Eaves Hall

It may have been a rainy day in Clitheroe at the beautifull Eave's Hall but we really didnt let it stop us or the Wedding party from having a lovely time and enjoying some delicious Crêpes. With typical English weather against us we simpley wound out our awning and let the Bridesmaide stand where the warmth and mouth watering smells sourounded them, whilst they watched the Chefs make fresh Crêpes before their eyes. A mouthwatering Menu was chose by the beautifull bride Sophie, from melted milkyway to fresh strawberries and Nutella, the guests almost forgot about the rain.


If its a Winter Wedding your having like the new Mr & Mrs Barker and your worried about the wind and rain we do also offer indoor table top crêpes simpley leave us a small space and we have a crepe set up to suit your venue, our chefs are very discreet and can set up when and were u like within an hour. so whatever the weather, Darling Crepes has you covored! 

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