Marry Me in Clitheroe....

After a beautifull Wedding in Eaves Hall we decided Clitheroe was just to picturess to leave, So this month we attended the Luxury Wedding show at the historic yet contemporary Mitton Hall, which had amazing grounds for us to stand at the front of the building aswell as inside. All the brides fell in love with Darling Crepes and our free samples vanished before the grooms got a chance to get a taste. We cant wait untill our first wedding at this romantic Venue


Still not Ready to leave we packed up our Crepe kit and headed to Stark House with its stunning surrounding views of the magial Pendle Hill and rolling countryside of the forest of Bowland and Yorkshire Dales. This venue really had it all from a stone arched fireplace to a well equiped leisure centre. There was lots of space to suit one of our out door units and inside great areas to set up our table top crepes This venue may not be one of the biggest but it really did have it all.

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