Setting up our trailer at a wedding venue

From the moment you book Darling Crêpes, we are planning our route and set up plan, so its one last thing you have to think about on your big day,  We often bring our unit and set up whilst the Bride and Groom are away saying there vows, then when your guest arive back at  youre venue we are there with the batter mixed and the crepe plates hot


The unit arives on a small Ifor williams trailer we roll the barrow down the ramps and unfold our roof and golden floor, this process takes roughly thirty minutes we then take the Ifor williams trailer and van out of site untill its time to pack up, The Krampouz Crepe machine is gas operated so its super quick to reach its Crepe making temperature. All the lights on the unit are LED so the only power source we need is a 13 amp wall socket, we have all different lengh cables which we keep out of site.

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