Top 5 wedding crepe flavours

How can you choose just five??? your right you cant the best thing about Crepes is you can eat them with all most anything and they still taste amazing. Though what i do find is that each year theres something us Brits go crazy about, 2015 it was salted caramel which is now firmly sat in my top 10 favourate crepes, Then all the healthy eaters declared that super food avacado was great on a crepe with a little egg, salmon and a sprinkling of black pepper as it goes the low calarie snack still tasted great.


Brides that marry in spring or summer always want the strawberries and cream Dorris Day dream with melted white Chocolate with all them Fresh Strawberries ooooohhhh!! well who can blame them. Last on the top five wedding crepes...... you guessed it...... Nutella its all about the nutella, Brides Favourite, Grooms Favourate and in general everybodys favourate will always be the Hazlenut spread that is nutella.

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